Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Brain Dump

  1. Why O Why am I watching the CMT awards with my wife dancing some kind of crazy jig in front of me..... KEEP it CLEAN People!
  2. Why is it when people ask if you have a minute, or if they want to ask a quick question, neither is EVER true.
  3. Helen wants a Tattoo.....
  4. Helen also wants a new hairdo. She had BETTER LOVE IT!!!!
  5. Have you been RICKROLLED yet?
  6. Pastor Abbye & Lindsay..... Smell like outside!!!! What does that mean?
  7. I was stuck in an elevator today..... I was NOT in my HAPPY place.
  8. Ms. Coni is conspiring against Me.
  9. My brain is tired and my feet hurt so we will end this here. For the sake of us all. Good night people.


Anonymous said...

It is not nice to Rickroll your friends Johnny. Hey, me? Conspire against you? Never let it be said. I just happen to think Helen would look hot with a new hairdo and a sleeve.

Hbomb said...

Actually I really want a new hairdo, tattoo means pain...not so sure about that.

Caroline said...

Ohhhhh I have just the artist for Hoddie if the tat thing becomes a reality ... You gotta let Shane do it ... plus ... you'll get the best work and price EVER. IF you can stand to listen to Johnny Cash for the duration ... ~muses~