Thursday, July 19, 2007

video tribute to the BIG DOG!

I figured since everyone else is using video in their blogs, that I should give it a shot. And since football season is right around the corner I felt it only appropriate to share a few of Caleb's football photos with you. I will be following with tributes to the girls as well. Since he is the oldest he got to go first. If you can't tell, I am a proud papa!

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Hbomb said...

That's my boy!

Mom said...
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carolyn said...


RJ said...

I love the pictures! Caleb rocks! I can't wait to see him dominate this year as well. Maybe we can make it to another game this year since has been awhile.

Megs said...

This is great!
All of them are great!
Great picture taking MOM!
Y'all are the Best!
Love Y'all