Sunday, July 8, 2007

One bite at a time....

How do you eat an elephant??? See above. Something that seems insurmountable can be defeated and over come if you exercise patience and perseverance. There are still some areas in my life that I have not totally submitted to the authority of God completely. I draw comfort in writing this because I know that I do not ride in this boat alone. Everyone reading this has some mountain to move in their lives, so be of good cheer and let me share with you what I believe the Lord is doing with me. While I was enjoying the series on New Beginnings in church today I believe the Lord spoke two words to me. They are simply win today. If you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense because we are directed in scripture not to worry about tomorrow and that we should take care of what is in front of us-TODAY!

So I have made a list of the top 3 things that I want to be better at. Before you start there are more than 3 but I limited myself to these because I believe they are the most pressing things that I need to work on in order to move to another level in Christ. I can not effectively conquer these challenges if I try to take a long term over arching view. It is just not how I am wired. But I can take it one day at a time and make a concentrated effort to be better today and hopefully climb this mountain one step at a time, one day at a time and eat this elephant one bite at a time. It is now 12:00 am, Time to go WIN TODAY!



jen said...

Thank you for the one bite at a time. I will remember that one. I appreciate your post more than you could know.

Jen or whatever you are calling me today.

Rodrigo said...

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SingForHim 94 @ Real Life said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

PS I got this same spam comment a while back!