Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday night Brain Dump!

I did it again.... I hit the enter button and posted a blank post once again.
Saturday Night Brain Dump- Take 2

  1. Dad had hernia surgery yesterday and came through with flying colors.
  2. Why do my kids take their cues from each other and decide that it is cool to ask 1,000 questions about the most random things... ALL AT ONCE!
  3. Why do my dogs sleep so much???
  4. Why does my wife sleep so much???
  5. Why don't I sleep that much???
  6. My oldest will be a teenager in a little more than a month..... Less than thrilled or not feeling prepared. You decide.
  7. On that note, He just had his yearly physical, and lets just say that he is not 5 or 6 anymore. YIKES!
  8. My wife will have to get a job next summer. Why, because whenever I come home from work, she has taken it upon herself to rearrange 3 rooms of our house with plans for more. I can't find anything!!!! Truly frustrating
  9. Football practice starts in 19 days.... YES!
  10. There is nothing better than Grandma's roast and rice that is covered in brown gravy. It will make your tongue slap your brains out!

Bonus thought: After nearly 14 wonderful years of marriage, Helen has successfully made brown gravy....... YEAH!!!!

Remember to keep it real till it goes wrong!


Anonymous said...

so, do I have this straight? Helen sleeps and then gets up and moves 3 rooms of furniture? And made good brown gravy. And then slept some more?
Oh, and thanks for the visual of your tongue slapping your brain. That made a good cartoon in my brain.
What would I do w/out the Fullers in my life???

Hbomb said...

Considering my first attempt at brown gravy tasted like something from hell itself, I consider it an honor that my husband thinks my brown gravy was good this time.

Rachel said...

[It will make your tongue slap your brains out!] This was truly a wonderful mental image.

Thanks Johnny.

I'm really glad your dad's surgery went well.....and that Helen finally figured out the brown gravy. You should be a much happier man now. :)