Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Eagles' Wings!

Well I promised something more thought provoking and I guess I can't put it off any longer.

While on our vacation to Busch Gardens we went to the bald eagle habitat to see a collection of some rather awesome birds. Except there was one problem. None of the birds in that habitat would ever fly again. It struck me to see these birds waddle around or perched on the various rocks and branches around their en closer. Knowing that they would never again feel the wind on their wings or see a perspective of the earth that we as humans can only dream about. You see, these birds came to be there because they were either injured or became sick and thus they would never fly again.

My point is, that these birds were created for one thing, and the thing that they were created for they can never do again. God created us for one thing, and sometimes we like those birds through sickness or injury aren't able to do that thing that He made us for. Fortunately for us we have a Redeemer who is able to heal us and restore us to flight. Will you allow Him to restore your ability to soar on the wings of eagles or will you remain grounded unable to take flight again.

Look at it this way, birds fly, but eagles soar!

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