Friday, January 25, 2008

A short story I wrote..... Part 1


Damon and Aaron had been here before, it was seven o’clock and the house was empty. They had fought this fight a thousand times and would probably fight it a thousand more. Damon was considerably larger than Aaron and it had been that way for long, long time. Aaron couldn’t remember the last time he was able to look at Damon face to face or eye to eye. Yet there was still something in him that kept him coming back for more. He didn’t lose every fight with Damon, but lately it seemed that his victories, especially in this particular arena, were becoming farther and farther apart. Aaron would reminisce to when they were much younger, when he would win more than he lost, but those days seemed long gone. Damon had become much more confident and self assured with each victory over Aaron and he did not mind rubbing Aaron’s nose in it either. Damon would taunt and tease Aaron relentlessly in attempt to drive him into seclusion.
If it ever came down to a shouting match, Damon would win hands down. Like a whining two year old, he had a way of dominating and drawing all attention to himself. Yes, you could say Damon was cocky, arrogant and proud of it. His skills had been refined after years of practice. One could ask why Aaron would remain around such a formidable opponent. Why would he continue to take this abuse day in and day out? What was that thing that kept rising up in Aaron that said maybe today will be different. That thing, that cause, that calling if you will, was Chester.
“What time is he gonna be home?” asked Damon, staring into the bedroom mirror.
“I don’t know. He is usually home by now.”
“You ready for another whipping? It's gonna be just like last time little man!”
That became Damon’s pet name for Aaron. “You know”, Damon mused.
“You could just roll out of here when Chester gets home. He doesn’t want you here anyway.”
Aaron drew his breath in slow and let it out even slower before he responded.
“Shut Up!” demanded Aaron, looking for some respect.
Damon barely flinched from his primping in the mirror and said, “Hmmm, feeling a little testy tonight I see.” sarcasm dripping from his words. “I would be to, after all the abuse I’ve been laying on you lately.”
Aaron, trying to drum up his confidence, “yeah well today will be different.”
“Oh how I have heard that before” boasted Damon, now examining his mustache.
“You absolutely kill me with this hope against hope CRAP! Man, when are you going to learn that I own Chet? He is mine. That’s the way is it and that is how it will remain. PERIOD!”
Aaron had to concede (but only to himself) that Damon was, in part, right. Damon had owned Chester, especially in this arena. Aaron feared that it would only be a matter of time before Damon dominated the rest of Chester’s life. Aaron believed that things were beginning to become desperate. He needed to do something and soon. But as per the rules of this game, he could only make suggestions. Damon knew these rules as well. It seemed that his suggestions were having more influence and impact on the decisions that Chester was making, hence the disparity in size between them and the chains around Aaron’s ankles and wrists. Aaron at times, had wondered if things remained as they were if he would disappear all together into the dark recesses of Chester’s mind, to remain there as some distance after thought.
Aaron would try to bury those feelings whenever he and Damon came into conflict. The more he tried to bury them, the more Damon exposed them. It was never enough for Damon to just humiliate Aaron when he won; he would also heap mounds of guilt upon Chester. He was truly a skilled combatant, able to defeat two enemies at once. Damon could not decide what he loved more: torturing Chester or gloating about it to Aaron because it upset him to see Chester defeated yet again.
“Hey, little man,” called Damon. “What should I use tonight, ‘The Internet?” There are some great new websites that I want to suggest to him.” No response from Aaron. “Hey, how about that new lady in accounting?” He’s been eyeing her from some time now. Nah, that means I would have to wait till tomorrow. I guess we could go with the old stand-bye and see what’s on T.V. Hey little man, you awake over there? I am talking to you.”

More to Come.... Enjoy

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Hbomb said...

I love this story. I was so impressed the first time I read it and continue to be impressed each time I read it.